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“I’m so old I cleaned up the dishes from the last supper.”

Thoughts From My Head

I have been given formal and informal reviews and criticisms of my books. Some reader’s thoughts and reactions have been surprising. It is amazing to me how one book and evoke such varied responses from people.

The other day I received a phone call from a reader in Ohio. “I feel your pain in writing this book,” he began. I responded: “I had a lot of pain from some of the experiences recorded in the book but I didn’t have any pain in writing the experiences.” I think that what he may have meant to say was that it was painful for him to read about the experiences!

I have been pleased to learn youngsters, especially boys enjoy the books. The short story form is pleasing to them. They are pleased to have each story complete.

Ben D. Mahaffey

Give me a .30-06 Dog from 50 Years of Hunting and Fishing Book I

One day, Bun found one of my dress socks, you know,  the stretchy kind that was popular in those days. He ate the sock. I didn’t miss the sock at the time. I was out in the kennel one morning. I noticed that Bun was trying to pass that sock, but the stretchy fabric was making this difficult for him. I didn’t know what to do. I felt sorry for the dog. I thought about grabbing it and pulling it out but I was afraid, if pain was involved, Bun might bite  me. Then I got an idea. If I could make the dog sit down, I could take a stick, push down on the sock, tell the dog to get up and everything would take care of itself… (READ MORE)

Ben D. Mahaffey

No Fleas, Please from 50 Years of Hunting and Fishing Book II

One day, Terry exclaimed: "Let’s go rabbit hunting!" I thought about it a minute and then remembered that I had made a commitment to a girl named Barbara Alice Proud… "I can’t go with you, I’m going out with Barbara on Saturday afternoon, and hopefully, Saturday night and then perhaps Sunday," I responded… "Well, let’s hunt Saturday afternoon and you can bring her along. She needs to see how much better I can shoot than you," Terry continued. I thought about his proposal again. I didn’t want to share Barbara with Terry for a whole afternoon. Sometimes he could be as aggressive as a rhinoceros in heat. I needed to solve the problem. I was torn between really wanted to go hunt and having to put with Terry’s competition. Barbara had a twin sister named Millie. "Let’s ask Millie to go with us," I offered. Her presence would dilute attention toward Barbara about 50%.

But back to my hunt with Terry Beaver, Barbara and Mille Proud. We decided to use Terry’s car. I talked him into paying for the gas. Soon we had nine rabbits, Terry had six and I had three, much to my embarrassment. We found a pleasant spot to stop to have a snack. I was sitting in the back seat behind Terry; Barbara next to me, and Millie next to Terry in the back seat. That was a cozy arrangement. The nine rabbits were underneath my feet and were posing a problem for space. I was in the middle of a Snicker’s Candy Bar, when I felt something crawling up my leg, then I thought I felt something crawling up my other leg. I didn’t say anything. I reached over and pulled up one pant to my knee. There it was — a very large flea. I picked it off and then the flea from the other leg. I rolled the window down and threw them out. I continued with my candy bar. Barbara was wearing one of those neat, attractive wool stocking caps, bright red. She still looks good in red. I noticed two fleas crawling up one side, dangerously close to her left ear. I quickly tried to grab them both, but retrieved only one. "What are you doing?" she questioned. "We’ve got a little problem here," I said, as I removed the other flea. Then I noticed that there were fleas crawling up the back of Terry’s jacket and then I noticed that there were fleas on the back of the front seat moving in Millie’s direction… (READ MORE)

Ben D. Mahaffey